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Breathing Workshop

5 Elements will be hosting a breathing workshop with Nadja Smolic on December 23rd to help relax you and get you rejuvenated for the coming summer vacation! Nadja, our presenter, is a Light Wave healer and Reiki Master using advanced healing techniques to awake the body, mind and soul to reach the inner peace and well-being. Energy healing itself is a process of transmitting the energy from the universal source.

This divine Light-Meditation opens you up to receive new vibrant energy, cleans your issues at the cellular level, energizing and transforming you. In addition, it provides you with clarity and develops your ability to manifest your desires faster by cleaning your auric field. This raises your vibrations and transmits your intentions into the universal realm while in the super conscious (deep) meditative state.

After registering, please return to this page and scroll down to complete your payment via PayPal. Thank you for signing up!
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