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Don’t take our word for it.

Here is what parents and students at 5 Elements Martial Arts & Wellness Center are saying:

Need more proof? Check out the reviews people have written for us off-line

- This is an outstanding school!  My son has trained with Sifu Mario and Instructor Ben for years at another facility and we were happy to support this new endeavor.  We, as parents and as former students ourselves, have the utmost respect for both instructors.  Sifu Mario and Instructor Ben are highly trained, patient, kind, and professional.   They create a safe environment for their students by instilling respect for individuality, and promoting an open door policy for parents.   Sifu Mario has created a school that has a very welcoming atmosphere for both the dedicated students training there, and the parents watching them in the waiting room.  My son continues to learn new things, even after 10 years of training, and always looks forward to his time at 5 Elements Martial Arts and Wellness Center. They also have Yoga classes and adult Martial Arts classes.  There is something for all ages and stages of life, I highly recommend this school! – Kathy S.

- Joining the Kung Fu program led by Sifu Mario Mayorga was (and is) one of the best decisions I made on behalf of my son. Luke was 5 at the time and full of energy needing "the right" direction with a mix of structure, discipline and fun that all children should cultivate. Sifu Mario and Instructor Ben know the right recipe to get the kids focused and motivated to keep learning and improving their skills. The improvement of Luke's concentration at school was just amazing. I'm so happy with the program and caring instructors. The new studio is beautiful. We will follow Sifu Mario wherever he goes. – Inah H.

- Our sons have been training with Sifu Mario for several years now, and we couldn't be more pleased that he now has his own studio.  We wouldn't go anywhere else. Being a father of young kids himself, he really knows how to work with kids to build confidence, skill, and discipline.  Highly recommend. – Suzi S.

- This school offers an amazing environment for training as well as a great social environment. The Instructors are both great with the students in the class as well as out of the class. This is without a doubt one of the best schools out there. If you live nearby and are looking for a Martial Arts school, this is the place to go. I have been taught by Sifu Mario for going on ten years and it does not get old :). – D. J. B.

- Great facility, clean and pleasant.  Instructors really understand how to work with children to motivate them and provide constructive feedback.  The best testament is that my daughter loves attending class and can't wait for each lesson. The Kung Fu techniques are solid yet accessible to children through fun games and focused practice of fundamentals. -  Elena and Ivan A.

- Although this is a new school, we have known Sifu (master) Mario for several years. Our son trained under him at another location. Mario's new studio is well-done, great equipment, light and large. We are so pleased with what he has created. But, most importantly, we are pleased with the quality of his instruction, his knowledge of kung fu, his gentleness with young children and the high expectations he places on performance as students move up in belt level. Mario wants to instill in students his philosophy of martial arts, self-discipline, self-confidence and humility. We are more than excited about our son, who is a black belt, continuing his instruction under the teaching of Mario. – Jane P.

- This is a brand new studio with high quality instruction.  The children learn in a safe and secure environment.  The focus is on training and teaching children in a calm way.  You will be very impressed with Sifu Mario's focus maintaining high standards for the students.  He treats each child with respect. – Donna C.

- If your child is being bullied at school, sign him/her up for self defense at 5 Elements Martial Arts studio.  Sifu Mario is patient, gentle and kind.  He is a Master without the "master ego."  You will notice a change in your child within the first few weeks.  He/she will have more confidence and balance.  Our training with Sifu Mario has improved strength, focus and agility which has improved our skills in other sports. – J. E.

- We were so excited when Sifu Mario let us know he was opening his own martial arts studio, as he was one of the biggest reasons our daughter enjoyed her beginning lessons at another studio. Since she began going to 5 Elements her commitment to improvement and her love of the ideas and physical work of kung fu under Mario and Instructor Ben has increased immensely. She also loves her new black uniform and beautiful green belt! I encourage all you parents to try out this new studio. You and your sons and daughters will be pleased. – Katrina P.

- What a great studio!!  If you are thinking of signing your child up for martial arts I would highly recommend this studio. – Stephanie R.

- I am very honored to be going to 5 Element Martial Arts. Sifu Mario and Instructor Ben are always willing to teach me and my fellow students the fine elements of Kung Fu and the basics of self-defense. The studio is spacious and is in a very quiet neighborhood. Getting the new uniforms was the most exciting part. The punching bags are never ending and although they have gloves you can borrow, it is highly recommended that you go to your nearest Big 5, Sports Authority, or Sport Chalet and get yourself a pair of Everlast gloves.(Boxing or MMA gloves) – Yuuk